Month: October 2018

Find the right summer camp for your child or teenager overnight.

Choosing the right camp to suit your child’s or teenager’s interests, special interests, needs and abilities is of paramount importance. Choosing a holiday camp for your child, teenager or other children overnight deserves a lot of attention and attention to the smallest detail. Many children’s camps are accepted by their parents at the beginning of […]

Experience a wonderful trekking experience in the Himalayas.

Trekking is the most adventurous activity you can ever experience. It is a test of bravery, endurance and courage. The Himalayan mountains are known for wonderful and courageous hikes. You can find the mountain ranges of India (Ladakh, Sikkim, Garhwal), Nepal and Bhutan and the trekking experience in all these places is amazing. If you […]

What you can expect when taking up surf lessons

You must be really excited about your first surf lesson, well, who wouldn’t be? Finally it’s time for you to get on the surfboard and hit the waves. It can’t be as difficult for someone as passionate and eager to learn as you are, it’s as easy as ABC. If you are already enrolled in […]

Climbing Tips – With the right techniques you can get to the top safely and efficiently

There are countless ways to climb a rock, and it is unlikely that two people will climb in exactly the same way, but there are some good, effective climbing techniques that will not only help you to climb safer, but also more efficiently, so that you can save energy and last longer. Your two main […]

Mountain bike tours – 7 reasons why they are a great adventure sport

“If you don’t bleed, you didn’t have a good rider!” Such statements can give a beginner a break. However, mountain biking can offer a variety of experiences for all lovers, without requiring blood transfusions after each ride. Unless, of course, bleeding is a prerequisite. Here is why you are about to experience a great adventure […]