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What you can expect when taking up surf lessons

You must be really excited about your first surf lesson, well, who wouldn’t be? Finally it’s time for you to get on the surfboard and hit the waves. It can’t be as difficult for someone as passionate and eager to learn as you are, it’s as easy as ABC. If you are already enrolled in a surf course then that’s good, here are a few more things you can expect when you go to your surf course.

1. Application form and written agreement.

Every surf course you register for has a registration form and a written agreement, so if something bad ever happens (hopefully not) to you, you will not be able to take action against the school with which you registered for surf lessons. Surfing is a dangerous sport by nature, so you do it at your own risk. As much as your instructor makes it safe for you, your safety can never be guaranteed.

The school will provide you with equipment suitable for the place where your surfing lessons will be held and for the time of the year. They will judge which size and type of board suits you best and give you a surfboard that is soft for beginners and can be used during the training time.

2. Meet with the leader and relax.

The meeting with your instructor is one of the most exciting parts, you will see who you will spend the rest of the surf course with and you will be surprised how fit they all look. Your leader will be the one who will lead you and your friends to a perfect place where you will do your surf lessons. Expect your instructor to guide you through some warm-up exercises to relax your sleep muscles, as warm-up is very important for any sport, especially surfing.

3. Let’s get into it.

The first step is not to hit the water immediately. In your first surf lesson you will be asked to paddle in the sand first and pretend that you are in the water. This may sound strange, but this is how you learn that everyone has gone through this process and believe it or not, it is really beneficial once you are in the water. You will also practice lying on your surfboard and jumping into a crouched position. Your instructor will also teach you some simple style techniques that will give you a strong foundation.

4. Water time.

So you’ve perfected the training on the beach, now it’s time to take your surf lessons to a whole new level while your instructor takes you into the water and lets you experience the thrill. But since you are a beginner, your instructor will only let you surf on the small waves to first practice the techniques you were taught on the beach.

5. Pack up.

Okay, the day is almost over and with it your first surf lesson. Now it’s time to return your equipment and go back to school with your friends and teacher. What a day, what? I’m sure your muscles will hurt the next day, but it doesn’t matter because as the saying goes “no pain no gain”.

Expect more exciting and fantastic surf lessons as you improve your skills. This is just the first of many surprises waiting for you, so better prepare for this unique adventure.

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